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17 years of Aircraft Detailing has led us to develop and patent, a user friendly, and cost-effective way to drum polish bright work on all types of aircraft. 


Coming soon, Crowe Aviation will be Launching THE BUFFALO. The only true way to get drum buffing results using electricity and not compressed air. 


Countless hours of R and D have been put into this new tool that will change the way detailers polish metal. 


We are so excited to bring this new tool to market!

The aircraft detailing world needed an easier, lighter and more cost effective way of polishing aircraft metal. Here is that solution, a Patented tool called, THE BUFFALO! 


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for more information about ordering and availability. 


The Buffalo Tools



For those already used to using Buffmaster pads this will be a smooth transition over to THE BUFFALO when pneumatic air is limited or not available. 

Bright Work Polishing

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With so many different types of metal out there it takes years of experience to know how to properly and safely polish bright work. Let Crowe Aviation safely clean and polish your metal to perfect clarity and luster. With our Aviation approved metal polish products and procedures your metal will stay clean and protected for many months after a polish.


Too many times in this industry quality is not checked and companies are getting away with whatever they can to save time and money,  but are sacrificing quality.


There is one thing that is for sure in todays aviation detailing market, if costs to detail your aircraft are not going up the quality has to be going down. Stay on top of your detailer and make sure quailiy is at the forefront of their services. Don't let your metal get damaged. If metal is polished the right way the first time it will keep it's shine and resist corrosion for a longer period of time.

Damaged G550 Metal From our Competitors

Global 6000 

G 650

G 550

Global XRS

G 650 Inlet after Polishing
Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014
Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014
Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014






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