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With so many different types of metal out there it takes years of experience to know how to properly and safely polish Bright Work. Let Crowe Aviation safely clean and polish your metal to perfect clarity and luster. With our Aviation approved metal polish products and procedures your metal will stay clean and protected for many months after a polish.


Below is an example of what you don't want your bright work to look like. This G550 was in a maintenance center here in las vegas. The cleaning company that is contracted with this service center did the bright work on this G550. The metal was polished incorrectly causing terrible scratches and a dull finish to the metal. After a month we have observed the metal to have rapidly lost its shine and clarity resulting in oxidation and corrosion to attack the metal more rapidly than if the metal was polished properly.


We see this type of work time and time again from companies who can claim a cheap price but with obviously cheap results. Don't let your metal get damaged, If metal is polished the right way the first time it will keep its shine and resist corrosion for a longer period of time.

Damaged G550 Metal From our Competitors

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G 650 Inlet after Polishing
Crowe Aviation Copywrite 2014
Crowe Aviation Copywrite 2014
Crowe Aviation Copywrite 2014






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