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Paint Restoration

Having trouble with dry, faded, and oxidized paint? Crowe Aviation is the leader in restoring old paint to brand new. If aircraft paint is not properly taken care of it will oxidize and fade to the point of needing a repaint. We can stop that from happening by restoring the paint to it's former glory. This allows for the the paint to be brought back to life with high gloss and a swirl free shine. Each aricraft is different and in some cases the paint is beyond repair. 

Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014

This Citation M2 was damaged by a cleaning company that had improperly polished the aircraft leaving heavy cutting and swirl marks. We fixed the problem with our experience and special techniques to polish the aircraft resulting in a swirl free, deep shine.

Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014
Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014

Horizontal Stabilizer on a, gray in color, Global 5000; a difficult paint color to keep protected. Improper Teflon application in the past caused this heavy fading and oxidation to develop.

Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014
Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014

Air Ambulance helicopter heavily oxidized from years of service in the desert southwest; also from improper paint care.

Crowe Aviation Copyright 2014

Next time you are thinking about getting the paint on your aircraft restored, give us a call at Crowe Aviation. We are the experts in Paint Restoration!






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