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Reactive Polymer Paint Sealant

Las Vegas is a very harsh inviroment for aircraft, we have a tempreture swing of the low 20's in the winter to 115 degrees in the summer. We have harsh monsoon weather in the summer, combined with blowing dust and sand.


Dont let your aircraft get bombarded with these damaging ellements. Let us repare and seal your aircraft with our Aviation Approved Polymer Paint Sealant. We have become know in the valley for our paint protection program that we can customize to any flight department.

APU Exhaust Challenger 601
4th Annual Coating on Global Express

With our Polymer Coating on your Aircraft your cleaning times will be cut in half. The paint will be completely protected from the elements because the Polymer acts like a sacrificial surface keeping the paint sealed from different damaging ellements. All it takes is a once a year service treatment and your aircraft will look new for as long as you own it.






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