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From the crew of 253JX


“Aaron Crowe did a great job taking care of N253JX. The aircraft looked amazing this morning and I heard good comments from both the crew and passengers on the state of the exterior of the aircraft. Thank you and have a wonderful day.”


Thanks again Aaron!


Awesome, and the crew said you guys did a SPECTACULAR job so pass on the thanx.


Martin Collin

Maintenance Controller

XO Jet, Inc


I thought you would appreciate this. Here is the email I just got from the PIC of 442FL: 
“Thanks for the kick ass cleaning!  Now we look totally cool in our clean ride!! Happy Halloween and have a great weekend!!”
Thanks guys, comments on the level of cleaning you provide seem to be pretty common. I’m glad to work with you.
Kyle D. Yanak
Global Appearance Partners

Just some quick feedback on our cleaning in LAS on 619FX - our aircraft looks fantastic!! It's the best cleaning work I've seen in my 10 years at Flexjet. Please pass along my compliments for a job very well done to the entire cleaning crew that worked on the aircraft. Tell them they have set the bar very high!



Ben Sewell

Captain, N619FX


Hi in Las Vegas,


Our Global Express will be with you shortly for a couple of days. Do you have a cleaning company that could and exterior and interior clean including carpets?


Kind regards

Clay Barber

Head of Maintenance-Aviation | Consolidated Press Holdings Pty Limited



We have a vendor that can service the exterior and interior cleaning.  Their name is Allen Groupe and contact number is 866--------.


Customer Service

Signature Flight Support





Allen Group are unable to help. Do you have any other cleaning contacts?


Clay Barber



Hi at Signature


For other customers, may I recommend Crowe Aviation as a detailer in Las Vegas. Aaron and his team did an exterior and interior clean for us over the 4th July which was first class. Contact details attached.


FYI, Other companies did not even reply to our contact.


Kind Regards


Clay Barber

Head of Maintenance-Aviation | Consolidated Press Holdings Pty Limited







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