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Wet Washing Las Vegas

Las Vegas is unlike any other location around the country. In just a few hours after a wash my personal truck was covered in fine silica sand that surrounds the Las Vegas valley. Las Vegas is surrounded by hundreds of dry lake beds and with just the slightest of winds the dirt and dust in carried up into the air and blown all over the valley.


If your cleaning company prefers to dry wash or believes their chemicals can safely clean your plane get a second opinion. This fine silica sand is like tiny bits of sand paper that would be rubbed all over your aircraft creating fine scratches and swirls damaging the gloss and protection of your paint.


At Crowe Aviation we are the only company to implement using foam gun technology that allows the dirt and build up to be lubricated and lifted before we begin to brush the aircraft. We also don't use a brush and bucket system like all of our competitors allowing the dirty water to be scrubbed back onto the aircraft creating more contaminates to the area trying to be cleaned.


When choosing a cleaning company always remember you get what you pay for and cheaper is not always better. A cheap wash now could cost you TENS OF THOUSANDS in paint correction in the future. And most importantly ask your detailer what chemicals they use. We are the only company in Las Vegas using Aircraft Approved chemicals, ABSOLUTLY NOT cheap no name brand auto degreasers from the local big box supplier  because they are cheaper. Do your research and be educated, we are not dealing with honda civics here.






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